Tiger Trek is Horizon Elementary’s annual Lap-a-Thon. This is a great opportunity for the community, neighbors, alums, educators, businesses and families to show their support for the bright minds of our school.

Run with your child for a $10 donation! 

Funds raised are used to support both students and teachers. A few of the ways we support the building is by purchasing teaching aides, paying bus fees for grade level field trips, and funding free family activities . Without the support of every student at Horizon these purchases would not be possible. 

How will your sponsorship help Horizon? 

$50—the amount PTA spends on each student yearly** 
 $100—the amount PTA spends on two students yearly 
 $200—the amount PTA pays for bussing to send 100 students on a field trip 
 $250—the average spent on each Teacher grant. These grants allow teachers to purchase items needed in the classroom that are not provided due to budget cuts 
 $25—provides supplemental teaching aides for 5 students 
 Other—every amount is valuable to our school! 

**$50 per child will hit our goal

What to Do 

Complete the donation form to your right or email the donation link to friends and family. Return all forms and donations in your child’s folder by Wednesday, September 19th. 

Download the donation form and flyer here!

Click here to volunteer on the day of Tiger Trek.

Fill out my online form.