Room parents

During the Welcome Back Celebration at the beginning of the school year there is a signup sheet in each classroom on which you may sign up to volunteer in your child's classroom. You have the choice to serve as the class room parent or as a general classroom volunteer. The class room parent is responsible for organizing the halloween, winter and valentine's day classroom parties. If you're interested in being room parent but unsure about taking on all the duties yourself, you may share the responsibility with one or two others as co-room parents. Simply make a note of this on the signup sheet and let the teacher know. Classroom volunteers assist the room parent at the parties by providing supplies, treats and games for the parties and/or by helping out at the parties. Please note that parents do not have to serve as volunteers in order to attend classroom parties. Any parent is welcome to attend.  

If you have questions about room parents contact the Room Parent Coordinator, Missy Ericson at 

To find out who a classroom's room parent is, look in the online directory. Each room parent is listed under the corresponding faculty's name.

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